IoSpace | Water
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Thanks to a GIS Platform, organizations involved in the Integral Water Cycle, discover, create, use and share maps and information from any place and time through any device.

This allows to offer useful information and tools for any component of the organization who needs it. A GIS platform facilitates in a practical way linking data to concrete actions.

Geographical analysis is essential in water management. Whether it is through water supply or sanitation, knowing assets position, how they are related to each other and with their environment, what surrounds them, what kind of consumers they reach, with what pressure it is necessary to work or whether or not there is danger of flooding or overflow.


  • Database update
  • Criticality or vulnerability study
  • External factors (weather, vandalism)
  • Defaults / theft detection
  • Fleet management and crews in field
  • Safety of workers and users
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Management transparency