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About us


IoSpace is a joint-venture of DINSA (Desarrollo Informático SA), from Grupo ACS, and the dotGIS startup corporation, specialists in design, implementation and integration of field solutions for Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Together, we complete the services of both companies with the development of proprietary solutions focused on production, management and analysis of cartographic information in general. Uranos was created with this philosophy, a complete SaaS platform that allows users the acquisition, post-process and production of cartography and high precision maps and its subsequent integration in Displays, Apps, Dashboards or corporate GIS platforms.


  • Improve the accuracy in the work with cartography and maps, currently being carried out
  • A real and tangible digital transformation by end users
  • Offer professional solutions of high performance and high connectivity with corporate information systems
  • Maximum reliability services close to the client for a better integration of maps day-to-day


Provide professional solutions for cartographic production of high precision and high performance, as well as the integration of such information in the day-to-day of our customers, allowing them to exploit the full potential of map usage and the geographic factor.



IOSpace arises from the integration of a market leader in traditional IT services and a fresh and agile StartUp with new ideas for the GIS market. This merger provides as a result a reference in the cartography and maps solution market.


For this reason, we have developed a multi-client pool format of high productivity with 3 professional service teams providing consistency to our services and solutions:


CPC (Cartographic Production Center: Photo-interpretation, Geomatics, Remote sensing, Surveying, etc..)

SOLUGIS (GIS solutions center dedicated to the development of applications, portals, etc. tailored to our customers)

OSGIS (Ongoing maintenance and operation services of GIS platforms following ITIL best practices for the provision of IT services)

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