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Data collection

We perform all the information extraction, the cartographic production process that will help you to exploit the information available on your Company by using the latest technologies and techniques in geomatics and remote sensing.


  • Topographic surveys
  • Field work
  • Aerial and terrestrial laser scanner

UVAs and Remote sensors

  • Drones
  • Remote sensing
  • Radar
  • Lidar

Big Data

  • Sensorization
  • Artificial vision
  • OpenSource DB
  • APIs

Digital transformation

We make tangible the digital transformation in clients migrating large volumes of information to alphanumeric and geographical databases and integrating them with query tools and more intuitive analysis such as maps.


All company profiles can access and query information easily from any device: tables, graphs, reports … all in a geographical context thanks to the geo-location of information.

Standardizing of information

We are pioneers in the application of a strict quality control in the production and management of cartographic information, focusing the control on data (and metadata), a key factor to achieve a real interoperability and real benefits of synergistic use of different sets of spatial data.


For this purpose, we apply the good practices of ISO standards (ISO 19157, ISO 2859, ISO 3951 and ISO 9001) and the recent European regulation INSPIRE (Regulation 2007/2/CE) and its transposition to the Spanish regulation LISIGE (Law 14/2010).

Geospatial analysis

Data processing allows the extraction of conclusions from cartography and maps, generating information and knowledge of easy interpretation for the end user.


We apply the latest techniques in mulitispectral, radarmetry, lidar classification and geostatistical analysis as well as the graphic design criteria and cartographic representation to help our customers obtain the best conclusions in their decision making. We use the latest technologies in GeoBig Data and Machine Learning. We can predict and infer by analyzing previous behaviors. All this, with a unique design that ensures a visually attractive and intuitive use.

Display/Graphic outputs

Desarrollamos las mejores soluciones a medida de nuestros clientes para la consulta y el manejo de toda la documentación cartográfica y las herramientas de análisis que se requieran.

Analiza y visualiza tu información de manera rápida y sencilla. Diseñamos soluciones únicas para que veas tus datos de manera geolocalizada. Cuadros de Mando, Mapas y App para crear y ver aplicaciones, informes, pautas e indicadores en tiempo real.

We develop the best tailor-made solutions for our customers for querying and management of all the Cartographic documentation and analysis tools required.
Analyze and display your information quickly and easily. We design unique solutions so you can see your data in a geolocation way. Dashboards, Maps and Apps to create and view applications, reports, guidelines and indicators in real time.
We analyze all your infrastructure and GIS functionalities that you require in the search and design of the best GIS solutions in order to improve the management process and use of your information.


Displays | Web platforms | Integration interfaces | Tool Analysis | Mobile Apps

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